About me

“To effectively appeal to an audience that’s already interested in your field, you’ll need to hire a team that’s capable of digging deep into that topic,” enter us.

The Internet has democratized and diversified content and its method of consumption. We’re reaching a point where audiences expect content to be tailored to them. Large content companies are struggling with shifts in media consumption, while niche brands are weathering the storm with more ease.

Not too many people know the name Constakk Media, but many certainly know our brands. We are a soup-to-nuts content company, meaning we own and operate all of our web properties. We do it all: content creation, digital marketing, video production, design, business development, and technical management. Collectively our sites and social profiles reach tens of millions of people each month.

Small businesses often gravitate towards niche marketing models where competition is less fierce, and building brand loyalty is more organic.

“The biggest mistake I see marketers, companies, and even leading agencies make is to focus too much on what they push out rather than on what the target group and market perceives of their efforts

We’re passionate about creating niche content for curious audiences. Whether you are looking to buy a diet this month, secure your home this year, or build your physique this decade, we pride ourselves on knowing that when you’re online, our brands are posting engaging and informative content to keep you in the know.

We were founded by two friends in 2019, and we plan to be around a long time as we expand our reach and explore new ways to engage audiences. Each of our brands is where the real action is, but if you want to learn more about Constakk as a whole, please reach out — we’d love to hear from you!