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  • DOCTO is classified as Australia’s first online hospital. It has medical specialists for all conditions who are available 24 hours a day through the web portal, chat, voice, and video consultations to help you to solve your medical needs. The video consultation service is available through Android phones, Tablets, iPhones, iPads, and PCs as long as they have webcam capabilities and reliable internet connection. You can receive instant medical or treatment advice, medical certificates, workers’ compensation forms, referrals to specialists, and prescriptions at any time of day or night from this service.
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  • The service matches you to a relevant specialist from anywhere in Australia or from overseas so that you do not have to travel to receive treatment unless the service’s specialist deems it necessary. This means that you do not have to visit the hospital or travel back from overseas for a medical opinion. In case or your doctor you need an expert opinion from a specialist, the service provides an option for you to download your patient file via its secure system so that a specialist can analyze the file and make recommendations or comments. After a consultation, you and your GP will receive your consultation report by secure email. The service’s staff also consults you after a few days to check on your progress and ask for feedback about the service.
  • The service also allows doctors in the country to become members of the service or to refer patients to the service. It further empowers the doctors by offering them data security frameworks and telehealth technology so that they can efficiently use these technologies to care for their patients and enhance their workflow processes. The service allows doctors to try out or use its video consultation services with their own patients at no extra fee, and it even helps the doctors to take care of the billing process for the video consultation.
  • Furthermore, if a doctor has a patient who requires a specialist but the specialist does not offer video consultation services, can allow the specialist to use its secure video platform without charging them extra. This service also supports dual consultation services, where a GP and the service’s consulting specialist can participate in a simultaneous, real-time video consultation with the patient, thus enhancing the quality of patient care available. As a result of this consultation model, the specialist learns more about the patient from the GP, while the GP can ask questions and discuss management options. Ultimately, there will be enhanced patient advocacy and a shared understanding on how to proceed with patient treatment without the need for initially waiting for reports and letters. It is also possible for patients and service specialists to engage in 2-way communications if the GP is unable to attend the meeting.
  • For its 24-hour access services, charges new patients $77 and returning patients pay $57. To obtain services between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. (AEST), you will be charged $154. Furthermore, specialist consults are billed separately and range from $250 and above. However, if you are in a remote area of Australia, you will be charged only $35, and this makes the service more affordable for economically disadvantaged individuals in such regions. In addition, there are rebates for patients who are eligible for Medicare, and a gap payment is applicable at a range of between $100 and $150.
  • This service is different from other online services because it has a wide range of specialists for all conditions, and this makes it appear more as a conventional hospital than other services. extensively uses health IT systems to link doctors, patients and specialists, and this ensures that its patients receive the best care through the use of technology. Unlike many online services, the service recommends that a patient’s doctor be involved in the consultation and medical prescription process if and when necessary. If a patient wants someone else present during their consultation such as a family member or spouse, the service allows for this. Furthermore, it requires minors be accompanied by a parent or guardian.